• It is compulsory for every student to complete 75% attendance. This percentage can be relaxed on medical grounds.
    ai??? All students must attend school on the first three days of opening of school in April and July. If a student remains absent on these days without any prior application, he/she will be deemed to have been withdrawn and the seats thus fallen vacant will be allotted to the students in waiting list
    ai??? If a student remains on leave, the application must be signed by the father/mother of the student. If the leave asked for is on the ground of sickness and is more than a week, medical certificate must be attached.


  • No Student will be allowed to leave school early during school hours. In case of urgency, his/her leave application is to be signed by either of parents, if not, the leave may not be allowed.
    ai??? All students are expected to maintain a high standard of discipline, polite and gentlemanly behavior in the school as well as outside the school. The school authorities reserve the right of asking a student to be withdrawn at once if in their opinion his stay in school is detrimental to the school discipline or interest
    ai??? A Student may be withdrawn during or after the school session on the following grounds
    o If his/her progress in academics is not satisfactory
    o If his/her school dues are in arrears
    o If he/she is found using unfair means in examination